Neighbourhood Features

  • St Andrew’s Church
    St. Andrew’s consists of people from many nations. We have existed as a congregation since 1902, building the present structure in 1918 and continuing as a witness for Jesus Christ, being disrupted only by the Japanese invasion during World War II. St. Andrew’s is the home for a culturally rich and vibrant congregation including local members and worshippers from the expatriate community. While part of the Presbyterian Church of Malaysia, St. Andrew’s welcomes many other denominations as the International Church of Kuala Lumpur.
  • Tung Shin
    Tung Shin Hospital was founded in 1881 by Kapitan Cina Yap Kwan Seng. It started as a clinic known as “Pooi Shin Thong” situated at Sultan Street, Kuala Lumpur providing traditional Chinese medical care for the poor and needy. In 1894 it was converted into a charitable community organization, renamed as “Tung Shin Hospital” and shifted to the present address.For the past 135 years, TSH has been providing Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment.
  • Pavilion Shopping Mall
    At the heart of the trendy Bukit Bintang district lies the perfect reason to indulge in fashion, food and urban leisure. Experience the excitement of this 1.37 mil sq ft retail haven with over 550 outlets offering the finest fashion and home furnishing to entertainment and culinary delights. Let the endless appeal of Malaysia’s premier shopping destination awaken your senses the moment you arrive at its doorstep.